easy bracelet (aquamarine)
easy bracelet (aquamarine)
easy bracelet (aquamarine)

easy bracelet (aquamarine)

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vibrant aquamarine chip beads strung onto an elastic cord for an easy summer stacking bracelet. 

about the crystal —

aquamarine embodies all things connected to the sea, as well as those things relating to heaven reflected on the surface of the water. it becomes a mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely, making it possible to discover hidden meanings of reality. as a stone of symmetries, it is conducive for meditation and revelation, a stone of prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics. it also allows us to explore the darkest depths of our souls, face to face with ourselves, and with others. associated with the throat chakra, aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types. it relaxes one to a stage of consciousness in which they are fully aware of their own truths, wisdom and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction. it also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations.

hand made in sebastopol, california.