manifest bracelet (herkimer diamond)
manifest bracelet (herkimer diamond)

manifest bracelet (herkimer diamond)

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super dainty tie-on bracelet made from a single herkimer diamond and 14k gold fill beads, strung onto nylon cord. 

close your eyes and set an intention as you tie this bracelet onto your wrist. when the bracelet breaks and falls off naturally, your intention will be released into the universe. 
about the crystal —

a high vibration crystal that unites the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, multidimensional states with consciousness to create wholeness of being. stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, spiritual vision, and telepathy, herkimer diamonds open one to guidance from higher dimensions and promote dream recall. herkimer diamonds may also be used to access past-life information to recognize blockages or resistance to spiritual growth. because of their double terminated formation, herkimer diamonds are a useful tool to break old behavior patterns, as well as, retrieve and reintegrate parts of the soul that may have fragmented in other lives. the high frequency of a herkimer diamond attunes one to a much higher reality and accelerates spiritual growth. a type of quartz, herkimer diamonds form slowly and are not anchored to a base formation; they float freely in solutions of dolomite cavities. because they are free floating and not connected to a base, they are able to form double pointed terminals at both ends. double terminated crystals are known for their extreme clarity and are very effective tools for healing and meditation.

hand made in sebastopol, california.